Christs College - Meal Booking System

Meal Booking Information

Guest Charges - VAT
 Please be aware that we must charge VAT on the meals of all Formal or Grad Hall guests. Unfortunately the meal booking system can only display the net amount of a guests meal and the VAT will be charged when it is posted to your account. Total cost of guest meal is currently 10.80
 There are a variety of meal options available when booking in for meals in Hall. If your allergy requirements are not covered by these options please email
 Wine taken into formal hall that is not purchased in the Buttery will be subject to a CORKAGE charge of 1.00.
Formal Hall
 Formal Hall is available Sunday to Friday during full term. On Tuesdays Graduate Hall takes place. The deadline for booking places in hall is at 3.00 pm the day before hall, except for Sundays, when it is 12.00 noon on the Friday before hall. Cancellation of your booking. after the closing time, will incur a fee of 4.50 per person.
Meal booking system
 You are required to enter the names of your guests in hall (no nicknames please as this may cause offence). If you have any difficulties with the system please email and we will get back to you. There is one label that may confuse you - "Booked" on the meal booking page refers to your own bookings and not the total number booked.
Guests in Hall
 You may book in two guests using the online system should you require further guests then you will be required to seek Tutorial permission and by contacting the Catering department who can then book in the extra guests, depending on availability. The conduct of your guests is entirely your own responsibility and that if he or she misbehaves then you are just as guilty as if you had misbehaved yourself. Any organised groups (such as sports clubs and societies) who go to hall should contact the Catering Manager and you will be required to seek written permission from a Tutor. Should you wish to organise a "birthday" hall (not available on Tuesday or Sunday) please contact the Catering Manager, giving at least three weeks notice, to make the arrangemnets and you will need to seek permission from your Tutor.
Graduate Hall
 Graduate Hall takes place once a week - usually on Tuesday evenings (subject to a room being available). Outside of full term we require a minimum of 10 diners.
Special Events
 Special Events, Please note that there is now an additional "tick" box for you to add to your meal. The price of wines are usually an approx figure and charged after the event. Any amendment to your booking, (after the closing time) including, changing dietary requirements, wine order, adding or cancelling guests will incur a charge of 7.50 per amendment.
Society / Club Functions
 The final price will be calculated after the event but we will put a guide price for your information. Please only book in for such functions if you are eligible to do so. The option "no wine" also refers to any pre dinner drinks.
Contacting the Catering Department
 Can all members please note that the Catering Office (Z19) is closed from 4.30pm Friday and reopens 8.30am Monday. Should you need to contact the Catering Department (outside of these hours) with respect to making amendments, cancellations or dietary requirements for your weekend booking, then please telephone (01223) 334961.
Upper Hall Supper
 Please note that you can book on line to have supper in upper hall when available. Note that you will still be required to pay at the till so please remember to bring your cards with you. Times will be 5.45pm-6.45pm.